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Converting graphics texts into searchable PDFs

Optical input devices, such as scanners and digital cameras, mostly produce images in the form of raster graphics. Such graphics may well contain texts that your computer alone cannot process as such, especially in light of the fact that it is impossible to edit or search text within such graphics formats as png and jpg….


Merge files with the webPDF portal

Who hasn’t encountered a variety of information in the course of work that belongs together, but exists as separate files? Classic examples include job applications consisting of a cover letter, resume/CV, a photo of the applicant, and other supporting documentation. Large businesses in particular receive an enormous amount of information that has to be stored…


Convert more than 100 file formats to PDF

Life in big companies is often plagued by having to deal with and process an enormous number of different file formats. Some formats even require having to install and maintain additional programs in order to work with them. All of this leads to an additional expense and effort that can be easily avoided. One of…


PDF portal lets you convert documents in your browser

webPDF provides a portal in which you can create PDF documents from all sorts file formats or modify any existing PDFs you may have. Just upload the document to the PDF portal and click a button to create or modify a PDF document. You’ll see the buttons for the various features and functions to the…


IT Innovation Award 2013 for webPDF

SoftVision receives award for its webPDF.portal. SoftVision Development was honored in March in the context of the german award “INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT” by the “Initiative Mittelstand”. With its solution webPDF.portal SoftVision belongs to the top group among more than 4900 participants. In the category “Best of Server / Virtualization 2013”, the server-based solution webPDF.portal was able to…