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Case study: Professional PDF solution for companies

What are the advantages of using a professional PDF software solution like webPDF? Examples for the practical use in companies: Use with electronic personnel files (here, for example, for three different functions: 1. conversion Office to PDF /2. conversion PDF to PDF/A and 3. thumbnails, i.e. mini thumbnails, appear on the first page)conversion to PDF/A

The PDF Days 2020

As usual in recent years, the PDF Days Europe will take place in April 2020 in Berlin, organized by the PDF Association. The many different PDF formats are used for countless document applications. Currently, scans and 3D models for forms are also on the agenda, two growing areas of application that can be explored at

E-Health law boosts digitization in healthcare sector

Digitalization is not only changing the way we work, it has also “infected” government agencies and the healthcare system. The attitude, not only among the younger generation, has gradually changed and more and more people today can imagine doing without paper-based workflows in the healthcare sector. For 15 years, Germany has been tinkering with the

Video: How can I convert emails to PDF?

In this video tutorial you can see how to convert e-mails in Outlook (MSG) or MIME (EML) format to PDF using webPDF. Text formatting and graphic elements are retained. You can convert your emails into a PDF so that the message is displayed exactly as the email client displays it. Watch the video to see

Happy Birthday: 25 years PDF

The most important data format in today’s working world, whether it is online application, e-mail archiving or longtime archiving, is undisputedly the Portable Document Format (PDF). What does the abbreviation PDF mean? PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a platform-independent file format for documents that was developed and published by Adobe Systems in

Working with barcodes in PDF documents

A representation of data that is readable electronically or optoelectronically is called a barcode or bar code. These are generally groups of linear and variously patterned bars and spaces. There are also 2D barcodes consisting of differently shaped geometric patterns, which contain information in a smaller amount of space. A so-called QR code consists of

PDF Days Europe 2018 in Berlin

The PDF Days, which were initiated by the PDF Association, have been taking place since 2012 and are now an institution for everyone in the industry involved in the Portable Documenta Format (transportable document format) or for anyone who wants to find out about trends and innovations in this area. Ofcourse you have to distinguish

PDF application for your company

What exactly are the advantages of a professional PDF solution for companies? When can you really need such a business solution? Using webPDF as an example, it can be shown how positive the professional processing of PDF documents can be. All advantages of a PDF solution such as webPDF at a glance: First of all,

10 helpful tips for working with PDF

Here are some simple tips to save you time and effort when working with PDF documents on the webPDF portal. 1. Merging multiple PDF files webPDF makes it easy to take multiple PDF documents and merge them into a single PDF. You can use the “Merge Documents” service on the webPDF portal to combine all

What is Hybrid Archiving? Addition to PDF/A-3

Small addition to our PDF series: PDF/A – The format of the future – Part 1: PDF/A-1 PDF/A – The format of the future – Part 2: PDF/A-2 and PDF/A – The format of the future – Part 3: PDF/A-3 As the PDF Association reports, the third standard part of PDF/A now offers the possibility