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PDF Days Europe 2016

This year’s iteration of PDF Days Europe will be held on 14 and 15 June, when everyone interested in the following subjects will gather in Berlin: Electronic invoicing with ZUGFeRD PDF as a solution for mobile applications Accessible PDF files Like last year’s event in Cologne, PDF Days Europe will consolidate its stature as the premier

PDF/A – The format of the future – Part 2: PDF/A-2

As our blog series discussed earlier in the first part entitled PDF/A – The format of the future – Part 1: PDF/A-1, the PDF/A format (A=Archive) is already being used with great success for archiving data. And because the benefits of PDF/A are so compelling, even official offices and the administrative sector, which have to

PDF/A – The format of the future – Part 1: PDF/A-1

The Portable Document Format (PDF) established itself many years ago as the medium for sharing documents in a form that works everywhere. With it, electronic versions of documents can be faithfully presented, opened, and printed independent of operating system and software. The author can specify at the outset in what form the document will be

The ZUGFeRD standard: E-invoicing gaining ground

The “paperless office” – perhaps not just wishful thinking for long. Now that smartphones have become commonplace, people are using less and less paper (calendars, planners, journals and so forth) in managing their personal affairs. Although most businesses still work with paper documents, they are gradually making the digital transformation. Because of various security considerations,

PDF Days Europe 2015

PDF Days Europe 2015 has established itself as the premier PDF standards event. Organized by the PDF Association, this event lets participants learn everything they need to know about PDF standards, including the latest news and developments in the world of PDF technology. The focus was, of course, on practical applications with project-related presentations showing

ZUGFeRD: Maintaining tax documents and records

ZUGFeRD, the data model for the exchange of electronic invoices, is finding greater use: the German Federal Ministry of Finance now explicitly encourages and approves of converting tax-relevant documents to and archiving them in the Portable Document Format (PDF). New policy provisions reflect and respond to the conditions prevailing in today’s world of work and

PDF/UA for customer communication

Business have to specially adapt and process content for proper display on customer mobile devices. Today’s consumers want relevant information at their fingertips, on the move, and on whichever device they may be using at any given time – be this a smartphone, laptop or tablet. This challenges companies to make content usable on mobile


Accessible PDF files: PDF/UA

The ISO standard 14289-1, better known as PDF/UA, describes the requirements for universally accessible PDF documents. The PDF/UA standard marked the first time that businesses and government agencies were provided with a guide for ensuring that software, hardware and electronic documents work together as best as possible to eliminate barriers to access. Whenever there is

Personalized Print III: PDF/VT

In August 2010 the International Standards Organization published the PDF/VT standard, which opened the door to a new realm of possibilities for digital printing by decoupling the complexities of VDP creation from the particular print production methods. PDF/VT gives the world of personalized data printing all the benefits of PDF workflow by satisfying the demands


Personalized Print II: Mailings

There’s no question that printing in support of direct mail campaigns is a billion-dollar business. The astronomical number of printing orders and the need for fast turnaround have not only given rise to the development of appropriately capable hardware, but also to such applications as variable data printing (VDP), which can significantly reduce the cost