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The most important barcode formats at a glance

Attaching and reading barcodes on PDFs with webPDF What are the advantages of working with barcodes? If you add barcodes to documents in PDF format, this has the strong advantage that you can recognize and assign your documents at any time. Why barcodes are worthwhile? Working with barcodes improves the workflow and accelerates the work

How-to: Using the OCR webservice of webPDF 7

In this example the use of the OCR webservice of webPDF is presented. The OCR functions in webPDF are based on tesseract. By default the languages German, English, French, Spanish and Italian are supported. Languages can be added in the tesseract folder (see the webPDF manual for details). Currently languages with a “Multibyte Character Set”

How to use the webservices of webPDF 7 with options

This example shows how to pass options to the webservices of webPDF. In addition to the well-known “Converter” webservice, a second webPDF webservice called “Toolbox” is used in this example.  This example is based on our text “How to use the web services of webPDF 7“. If you don’t know this yet, it is recommended

How can I use the webservices of webPDF 7?

(This tutorial is created for webPDF 7 and following versions. The use of the webservice interfaces has changed fundamentally with this version. For webPDF 6 you can find this tutorial here.) Webservices of webPDF 7 This example shows how to use the webservices of webPDF. The webservice “Converter” is used to convert a selected file

Webservices-interfaces: SOAP and RESTful

In this technical contribution we would like to compare the webservice-interfaces SOAP and REST. webPDF provides its PDF-functions as SOAP as well as RESTful-webservices. But how do the SOAP and RESTful methods differ and what are the advantages and disadvantages? When it comes to software development, the keyword API or RESTful API is often used.

Tutorial: How to use webPDF’s webservices

This tutorial uses a simple example to show how you can use the webservices of webPDF. In it you will be working with the “Converter” webservice to convert a selected file to a PDF document. The Java programming language is used to access the webservice. You will need to have webPDF installed locally, a JDK

OCR: webPDF converts graphics into editable documents

Let OCR integrate faxes into your workflow OCR stands for optical character recognition and is a technology that allows PDF documents to be converted into text documents that can be searched and edited. Even in the digital age, faxes have not lost all their importance and are still used widely in a number of areas.


PDF web services for software developers

webPDF provides all the developers in your organization with a complete range of web services for creating and managing PDF files, along with the option of integrating these services into your own applications. Providing PDF capabilities as web services goes beyond just adding enormous value to your daily business processes. How they can be used

webPDF – small tool, big impact

The server-based webPDF solution not only makes it a lot easier for users to handle and manage an often overwhelming number of files in different formats, but dramatically improves the daily workflows within your company as well. webPDF lets you centrally manage the overall way your organization uses and interacts with PDF documents. This tool