Webservice coding example: read and create barcodes

Here we want to give a concrete code example for the Barcode Webservice including use with the webPDF wsclient library: Preliminary work for calling the webservice To call the webservice in the way described here, you must first create a REST or SOAP session. You can then either create a BarcodeWebService object (for a SOAP

webPDF brings the PDF Converter by projekt0708 to completion

The Munich-based IT consulting and services company projekt0708 GmbH has for years been making a name for itself as an SAP gold partner that develops innovative solutions with a focus on SAP cloud HR software (SAP SuccessFactors). Other products and services offered by projekt0708 include HR concept and process consulting as well as custom-designed software

Digital Signatures – Part 3

After Part 1 (Basics and Legal) and Part 2 (Technical Background) of our articles about digital signatures we want to illustrate the use with webPDF with this third and last part. How does the function in the webPDF portal work? With webPDF, all employees on all end devices can convert any document and then digitally

Coding Example: Apply signature to PDF documents

If you want to use the operation of the webPDF webservice Signature, you have the possibility to use it via the webPDF wsclient library. (More background information can be found in this article about the wsclient library) Preparations for Web Service Signature First, you should already have created a REST or SOAP session and, by

URL converter with wsclient library

Now we show you how to convert webpages to PDF with the URL-converter Webservice. For this you can use our webPDF wsclient library. Webservice call At the beginning you should already have created a REST- or SOAP-session and thus be able to create either an UrlConverterWebService object (for a SOAP session) by calling the WebserviceFactory..

Partnership with d.vinci – webPDF part of the HR solution

The Hamburg-based company d.vinci has been using the webPDF solution package since 2013. In this case, the application forms an integral component of a software system developed and distributed by the accomplished recruiting experts at d.vinci and is a compelling example of how webPDF can also be employed as a module within a highly successful

Webservice insert watermark with wsclient

Our link tips for preparation in advance: Further parameters are also documented in our user manual (without examples for use with the wsclient library). Click here for the watermark parameter structure Please also note: The parameters are preset with certain default values. If a default value is specified and does not deviate from your desired

Webservice Addressing with the ant-task library

If you use Apache Ant, … … then perhaps the question is obvious for you: Couldn’t the webPDF webservices be called from an Ant Target? This would allow you to define a fixed sequence of consecutive webservice calls that would be automatically repeatable for a large number of documents. (Picture: https://www.apache.org/) The short answer: Yes,

The 10 biggest advantages of webPDF for developers!

PDF tools and software for companies are like sand on the sea, but what concrete advantages does webPDF offer for software developers? What is the strength of this software and how can webPDF be used profitably for software developers? webPDF is not a pure PDF reader or PDF editor, it is rather a PDF solution

Encryption and password editing with the wsclient library

Here we want to show you the Security operation of the ToolboxWebServices of webPDF and their use with the wsclient library. Please also note our contribution to the webPDF wsclient library: webPDF and Java: very easy with the „wsclient“ library Creating a REST or SOAP Session To be able to call the Webservice, you should