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webPDF 8 Innovations: Installation and Administration (Part 1)

After the release of webPDF version 8.0 we want to introduce some new features that might be interesting for our users. Besides the changes concerning installation and administration that we will describe here, the next parts will also deal with our new webPDF portal (webPDF 8 Innovations Part 2) and the webservices (webPDF 8 Innovations

webPDF 8.0 is now launched

Latest update: Release webPDF 8.0 It’s time! webPDF is now available as platform-independent PDF server in the new version 8. Our professional PDF solution for companies has been reworked and now includes some new features concerning installation, administration, various webservices and especially the completely reworked webPDF Portal. The complete feature list as an overview of

Sneak preview: The brand new webPDF-portal

With the new webPDF version 8 our webPDF-portal gets a new look and many new functions. In the following we would like to give you an overview of the innovations and a sneak peak on all new features. Live preview (You can select your language (English) at the top right of the Flag icon):


Digital Signatures – Part 3

After Part 1 (Basics and Legal) and Part 2 (Technical Background) of our articles about digital signatures we want to illustrate the use with webPDF with this third and last part. How does the function in the webPDF portal work? With webPDF, all employees on all end devices can convert any document and then digitally

The 10 biggest advantages of webPDF for developers!

PDF tools and software for companies are like sand on the sea, but what concrete advantages does webPDF offer for software developers? What is the strength of this software and how can webPDF be used profitably for software developers? webPDF is not a pure PDF reader or PDF editor, it is rather a PDF solution

Securing Documents with Digital Signatures – Part 2

In the first part about digital signatures we dealt with the different forms of signatures and had taken up the question to what extent a document with a digital signature is legally valid. This second part deals with the underlying encryption technique. In connection with a digital signature one often speaks of a so-called “key

Secure your documents with Digital Signatures – Part 1

With the webPDF-portal you have the possibility to provide PDF documents with digital suignatures. The Digital Signature service, which is based on the “Signature” webservice, enables documents to be digitally signed and certified. Internal and external communication processes can thus be optimally handled electronically. What is a digital signature? Many documents are now sent digitally.

Video: How can I convert emails to PDF?

In this video tutorial you can see how to convert e-mails in Outlook (MSG) or MIME (EML) format to PDF using webPDF. Text formatting and graphic elements are retained. You can convert your emails into a PDF so that the message is displayed exactly as the email client displays it. Watch the video to see

Digital tool for employees – advantages of the webPDF portal

What are the advantages of a portal? A portal is a system in which a group of users/employees are provided with certain applications and tools. The advantage for companies here is, among other things, the bundling of information and the convenient exchange of data. Employees can therefore access different applications via a portal or a

Working with barcodes in PDF documents

A representation of data that is readable electronically or optoelectronically is called a barcode or bar code. These are generally groups of linear and variously patterned bars and spaces. There are also 2D barcodes consisting of differently shaped geometric patterns, which contain information in a smaller amount of space. A so-called QR code consists of