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webPDF used with SAP at Würth Finance International

Large companies often employ the webPDF software solution in combination with SAP. A widely used enterprise application software, SAP is ideally suited for handling all the business processes found in larger operations. SAP empowers people to manage their accounting, customer management, and human resources missions quickly and easily. The following example demonstrates how a combination

VHV Group using the webPDF preview feature

It was at the outset of 2017 that the VHW Group decided to work with webPDF software. Since then it has been using the preview feature of SoftVision’s webPDF solution as a tool for more efficiently handling and managing a vast number of digital files. webPDF impressive in practical testing The VHV Group learned about


Everything in sight: The webPDF preview feature for digital personnel files

A leading manufacturer of rubber floor coverings has been using the webPDF software solution from SoftVision Development since 2014 to not only locate documents quickly, but also keep track of and better manage hundreds of digital personnel files. Rubber “Made in Germany” – nora systems – experts for high-quality rubber floor coverings The company nora

An unbeatable team: DEKRA and webPDF

The internationally recognized inspection organization DEKRA recently began using webPDF from SoftVision as a tool for converting its documents to PDF. DEKRA – a world-leading expert organization DEKRA e.V. and its subsidiary DEKRA SE have been dedicated to safety since 1925, when the organization was founded as a vehicle inspection association under the name Deutscher

Ensure satisfied customers by correctly and compliantly converting documents

In the healthcare sector, dependable and trustworthy communication between health insurance organizations and their policyholders is everything. E-mail, of course, plays a key role in all of this. The daily flood of incoming mails and the many statutory requirements for compliance, security, and archiving pose an enormous challenge for IT departments and administrative staff alike.

Convert citations and tickets to PDF/A files fully automatically

When the ticket is faster than the speeder. Radar and cameras catch German motorists speeding about three million times a year. The Fines & Citations Office of the city of Leverkusen deals with speeding offenses every day. Most of these violations occur on the bridge that crosses the River Rhine along the A1 autobahn. Here

Optimizing the recruiting process

Technology leader turns to classic job application packages when using SAP e-recruiting Targeted recruiting and an effective applicant management system are essential to any globally operating company seeking to hire the best employees. Whether submitted by e-mail or through the jobs and careers section of a company’s website, electronic applications are now the preferred choice

Greater security for sensitive data in SAP

SAP expert turns to the proven PDF format for its digital personnel files There’s a good reason why companies from so many different industries run SAP: It’s the functionally most powerful software system on the market for enterprise applications. And by addressing such areas as accounting, material management, controlling and human resources, it covers every