VHV Group using the webPDF preview feature

It was at the outset of 2017 that the VHW Group decided to work with webPDF software. Since then it has been using the preview feature of SoftVision’s webPDF solution as a tool for more efficiently handling and managing a vast number of digital files.

webPDF impressive in practical testing

The VHV Group learned about webPDF’s preview feature from the Walldorf-based SAP specialist XFT, where software from SoftVision has been used together with SAP for quite a long time after being thoroughly tried and tested. The recommendation by XFT aroused the curiosity of the VHV Group’s staff and the tool was eventually put to a practical test in head-to-head competition with a different product. webPDF was the winner across the board and is now utilized every day when working with digital files.

“Zero problems arose when installing this highly adaptable and customizable software solution. It was usable immediately, and has been operating smoothly ever since. The preview function, which we are explicitly utilizing, not only gives users a smooth workflow, but a quick and practical overview when searching for specific documents or content,”

explained Andreas Schaeff, a developer within the SAP competence center at VHV solutions.

Quick and easy implementation

“Fortunately, we were able to benefit from XFT’s experience and knew ahead of time just how easy it would be to implement webPDF. What’s more, there was no need for user training in the classical sense, because webPDF is entirely self-explanatory for the key users within the respective operating department. There was some anxiety on the part of the IT people concerning the launch, as they were worried that the application might not run reliably, but thanks to SoftVision’s consulting and advice, everything went smoothly. The process of converting existing files was accomplished without incident in two and a half days and we having been using webPDF productively at VHV for about six months,” added Andreas Schaeff in summarizing how the rollout went.

“Our software architects had previously taken a close look at webPDF and compared it with another product, an application that was already available within the company. They made a careful and correspondingly time-consuming comparison. webPDF came out ahead after testing and careful consideration. The benefits were clear: First, there was the recommendation by XFT and thus an existing interface – a sort of how-to guide for us. This meant that there was no need for any additional, and potentially costly, outside consulting. Second, we were sold on the many additional features that webPDF has to offer and for which we had already developed strategic plans for the future. It all simply fit well together,” said Schaeff.

We have nothing but praise for the assistance that the SoftVision support team provided in conjunction with rolling out the software. SoftVision’s support in the run-up to implementing webPDF was truly outstanding. We got all the information we needed quickly and reliably and communication was always flawless. We are pleased to report that so far no incidents have arisen during operations for which any additional support or assistance would have been required.”

Where exactly is VHV using webPDF?

The VHV Group is using webPDF for converting PDF files to small image files (the so-called preview or thumbnail feature). Andreas Schaeff explains: “We’re using webPDF in order to see thumbnails of our digital personnel files. We often have to work with digital files that contain hundreds of pages. We need these kinds of previews or thumbnails to keep track of all the files and make everything viewable with one click of the mouse whenever possible. We are presently using webPDF at one location, which is one of our most important ones, namely the human resources department. Because of the brief amount of time we have been using webPDF, we cannot say much about specific savings in terms of time and money. Suffice it to say, however, that our work is now definitely easier and more transparent. In addition, the employees are very satisfied with webPDF and have only favorable things to say about it. Operating the system is self-explanatory and extremely practical. Another positive thing worth noting is just how quickly the preview bar appears.”

Our requirements of webPDF

“The tool we were looking for had to meet two demands. The first was a preview feature that would offer greater help and clarity when searching for documents. Stability was the second important requirement we placed on the software solution. In any case, the software had to provide a 100% reliable process for converting documents. Our expectations and the demands we placed on webPDF were completely satisfied. In addition to this, webPDF generally offers many additional operations and options for working with PDF documents, which we are already thinking about using,” added Schaeff in looking back on the rollout of webPDF. “Here in particular we have its watermark feature in mind.”

Additional functionalities – plans call for working more with webPDF

“Since working daily with webPDF, we’ve made some further plans for the future and can well imagine expanding the range of things we want to do with this software. Some 10 to 15 people are using webPDF at the moment, whereby that number will be much greater – about three to four times as many – in the future. Plans include extending the preview bar and using it in a slightly different manner. Right now you can only see the first page in the preview, which is adequate, but something that one might possibly improve upon in the future,” observed Schaeff.

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