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Video series: webPDF 6.0 Admin section (Part 3)

As part of the launch of webPDF 6.0 we want to show you our compilation of the latest webPDF 6.0 features in three short videos. In Episode 3 you can see how you can apply a wide range of settings and configuration options in the admin section. In Part 1 and Part 2 we introduced

webPDF 6 available as virtual machine (VM)

webPDF 6.0, our latest version, offers a number of new features. Here is a look at all of the most-important innovations. webPDF is, of course, still available as a virtual machine: For VMware vSphere hypervisor or Oracle VirtualBox In open virtualization format (OVF) Based on Debian 7.9 (64 bit) For the rapid set-up and testing

webPDF 6.0 video series

Our short video series is here to introduce you to the new world of possibilities for using the webPDF portal and especially the latest features that have been available since the release of webPDF 6.0. Perhaps the most-important innovations are the newly designed web portal and the detailed improvements in PDF functionality. We gave the

Video series: webPDF 6.0 mobile (Part 2)

As part of the launch of webPDF 6.0, we compiled a short video series to show you how easy and convenient it is to use the webPDF portal. Whereas Part 1 provided a brief introduction to the basics of using the software, Part 2 will introduce you to the operation and options available when using

Video series: webPDF 6.0 Basics (Part 1)

The launch of webPDF 6.0 is the perfect opportunity for using a short video series to acquaint you with all of the convenient features you’ll find on this enriched web portal. We’ll be using this first video to give you a brief introduction to the basics of using webPDF 6.0 and be following it with

Announcing webPDF 6.0

The latest version of webPDF has hit the market! This powerful software solution is now available as the new webPDF 6.0 edition. The hottest and latest features include a newly conceived web portal along with detailed improvements in PDF functionality. We gave the web portal’s user interface a fresh makeover with responsive design that puts

Data archiving with SAP and webPDF

webPDF is a professional PDF solution employed in businesses that empowers users to work most effectively with PDF documents. As a central PDF server, webPDF is not only a remarkable asset for converting all imaginable file formats to PDFs that can be shared with any other platform, but also lets you easily and conveniently edit,

webPDF meets tools 2015

SoftVision an exhibitor at tools in Berlin tools – the exposition and conference all about the intelligent digital transformation of business processes – was held at the Berlin ExpoCenter City from 16 to 17 June 2015. SoftVision Development GmbH was there at Stand 224 with three of its staff introducing visitors to its centralized and

OCR and the winds of time

OCR as time goes by: The first machine-readable font was developed for the American government 45 years ago. Much has changed in the world of OCR technology from that time until today. 1968 was a revolutionary year – not just in the sense of political upheaval, but in the history of the computer as well.

DLM – Document Lifecycle Management

As a compliance requirement, a careful system of document lifecycle manage­ment (DLM) is of crucial importance. The complete lifecycle of a document – from its creation, to storage and archiving, all the way to disposal – needs a precise audit trail to ensure compliance with auditing requirements. For businesses, and especially today when the flood