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webPDF 8 Innovations: Installation and Administration (Part 1)

After the release of webPDF version 8.0 we want to introduce some new features that might be interesting for our users. Besides the changes concerning installation and administration that we will describe here, the next parts will also deal with our new webPDF portal (webPDF 8 Innovations Part 2) and the webservices (webPDF 8 Innovations

webPDF 8.0 is now launched

Latest update: Release webPDF 8.0 It’s time! webPDF is now available as platform-independent PDF server in the new version 8. Our professional PDF solution for companies has been reworked and now includes some new features concerning installation, administration, various webservices and especially the completely reworked webPDF Portal. The complete feature list as an overview of

Use of webPDF and Java – Changes to Oracle Terms and Conditions

The computer technology corporation Oracle has announced that new conditions will be introduced from 2019 and Oracle Java 11 respectively. (See here: These include that only the latest version of Java SE for private use will receive free updates. For commercial use and use of other versions, a paid license will be introduced. You

Sneak preview: The brand new webPDF-portal

With the new webPDF version 8 our webPDF-portal gets a new look and many new functions. In the following we would like to give you an overview of the innovations and a sneak peak on all new features. Live preview (You can select your language (English) at the top right of the Flag icon):


Furnishing technical support information for webPDF

Technical support often involves cases where additional information is needed to either better understand certain situations or master the problem being reported. The goal here is to resolve the support issue with the least amount of effort (in terms of time and tasks) on the part of the customer. Starting with Version 7, webPDF has


webPDF Version 7.0 is here!

The industry’s best platform-independent PDF server has just gotten better. Newly released Version 7 offers a number of long-awaited features, including the new “Barcode” web service and the introduction of bridges for directly converting documents with Microsoft Office. You’ll also be delighted with the completely revised portal whose look and intuitive user guidance, not to mention performance and

Video series: webPDF 6.0 Admin section (Part 3)

As part of the launch of webPDF 6.0 we want to show you our compilation of the latest webPDF 6.0 features in three short videos. In Episode 3 you can see how you can apply a wide range of settings and configuration options in the admin section. In Part 1 and Part 2 we introduced

webPDF 6 available as virtual machine (VM)

webPDF 6.0, our latest version, offers a number of new features. Here is a look at all of the most-important innovations. webPDF is, of course, still available as a virtual machine: For VMware vSphere hypervisor or Oracle VirtualBox In open virtualization format (OVF) Based on Debian 7.9 (64 bit) For the rapid set-up and testing

webPDF 6.0 video series

Our short video series is here to introduce you to the new world of possibilities for using the webPDF portal and especially the latest features that have been available since the release of webPDF 6.0. Perhaps the most-important innovations are the newly designed web portal and the detailed improvements in PDF functionality. We gave the

Video series: webPDF 6.0 mobile (Part 2)

As part of the launch of webPDF 6.0, we compiled a short video series to show you how easy and convenient it is to use the webPDF portal. Whereas Part 1 provided a brief introduction to the basics of using the software, Part 2 will introduce you to the operation and options available when using