Version 9 – there is magic in here

Magic in the new webPDF version 9? Well, 9 stands for perfection in number symbolism. 9 can be multiplied by any number – the sum of the digits is always 9. So there is something magical hidden in this number. And this “somehow magic” is also in our new webPDF version 9.

Which first of all has little to do with magic, but rather with experience and know-how: Our developers at SoftVision have definitely raised webPDF to a new level. With the new version, many new as well as revised functions are available. In addition: A completely redesigned portal makes webPDF even more comfortable to use. It is the interaction that makes the magic of the new version 9. Let’s start with the most important features.

The most important features of version 9

To describe the complete feature list would take hours. The more than 20 new REST and SOAP web service operations and functions alone offer enough material to fill an article. We will therefore limit ourselves to a selection. If you want to have a look at really ALL news right away, you can find the detailed list of version 9 here.

Key features of the new version in the general area of web services include support for OAuth2 tokens (JWS tokens) and improved support for certificate stores. These are necessary, for example, for the encryption and decryption of PDF documents and also when using electronic signatures.

What is now possible with the help of PDF Web Services are HTML and SVG exports. New functions for comments, e.g. stamps or graphic elements, are also available. Likewise, scaling of pages and content in the PDF document is possible. In addition, all web services are capable of encrypting and decrypting PDF documents with certificates and compressing them. The latter has a positive effect on the required storage space, which needs to be kept as lean as possible in times of ever more data.

In brief

  • Support for OAuth2 tokens (JWS tokens)
  • Improved support for certificate stores
  • Export of PDF documents as SVG graphics
  • HTML export for PDF documents
  • Scaling of pages and content in PDF documents
  • Stamps or graphic elements in comments

Highly comfortable portal

With the completely revised webPDF portal, many improvements and innovations have been added. Users can now create barcodes without PDF or download several documents simultaneously as a ZIP file, which saves a lot of time.

What is also possible: Highlight signature fields and sign directly in these fields on the screen, for example with the “Draw signature” function. This makes annoying printing, signing and scanning unnecessary. In the admin area, a new start page awaits the user with an overview of the server and web service status. The statistics for the last 30 days are also visible at first glance.

Optimised webPDF server

We already mentioned that authorisation of web services via external OAuth2 providers, e.g. Microsoft or Auth0, is possible with version 9. Also worth mentioning are the user logon via Azure AD and the option to read certificates from LDAP profiles when logging on via LDAP and Active Directory.

Improved PDF/A Services

During a conversion of PDF documents to PDF/A format, it is now possible with Version 9 and the “Pdfa” web service to quickly correct annoying structure and syntax errors. The entire PDF/A engine also undergoes an update with the current version, which has a positive effect on all PDF/A-related work.

By the way, the new version 9 is also available as usual as a Windows or Linux installation package for direct installation or as a container for Docker or Kubernetes. 

Back to magic. So the number 9 stands for perfection, among other things. We do not claim that webPDF version 9 is perfect. Because we know that the demands of our customers are always changing. Therefore, our goal is to react flexibly to them in order to support companies in their daily work in the best possible way with our PDF solution. It’s not the large number of new and improved features, but rather the quality and attention to detail that lend the whole thing a certain magic. You can’t imagine that?

Then try webPDF in the magical version 9.