What's new in version 9.0?

Release date: 01.09.2022


  • Deployment of the Linux packages for the current distributions (https://packages.softvision.de/)
  • Docker image based on Debian 11 (Bullseye)


  • Migration to Tomcat 10.x and Jakarta EE 9.x
  • "TLS v1.3" and "http/2" for HTTP connections of the server
  • Authorization of web services via external OAuth2 providers (e. g. Microsoft or Auth0)
  • REST and SOAP API can be disabled separately
  • Anonymous login can be disabled
  • Get web service status via
    • Java Management Extension (JMX),
    • REST API status: "/rest/admin/server/status" and
    • REST API statistics: "/rest/admin/statistic/realtime/..." (experimental)
  • User login (authentication) via "Azure AD"
  • Read certificates from LDAP profile when logging in via LDAP and Active Directory
  • Administration of the server via REST-API possible ("/rest/admin/configuration/...")
  • Central key stores: Certificates for encryption/decryption and digital signatures


  • Help now only "online" as part of the server (accessible via admin portal)
  • Help now only contains documentation for administrators and developers
  • Help for the portal directly integrated into the dialogs via the "(i)" and "(?)" icons
  • All web service parameters described directly in OpenAPI or SOAP API (WSDL)
  • Client stubs (e. g. editor.swagger.io) can be generated via OpenAPI

Web services in general

  • Connection to external OAuth2 providers for web service authorization
  • "compress" and "signature" profiles for web service invocation to influence default behavior
  • "signature" options: noEditRestrictions, generalEditRestrictions, adobeRestrictions
  • "compress" options: always, never, recompress
  • Certificates (PEM encoded) directly in the parameters for document encryption/decryption and for digital signatures
  • Incremental changes for signed PDF documents (within allowed operations)
  • New endpoint "/rest/document/{documentId}/security/password" to update document encryption to read documents encrypted with certificate and password
  • User API "/authentication/user/".
  • Retrieve certificates and keystores of a logged in user "/rest/authentication/user/certificates"
  • Endpoint to provide passwords for access to private keys and keystores "/rest/authentication/user/passwords/{keyStoreName}"

Web service "Toolbox"

  • "export": Export PDF documents as SVG graphics
  • "transcribe" (new): HTML export for PDF documents
  • "scale" (new): Scaling of pages and content in PDF document
  • "rotate": Automatic page orientation: detection of page rotation by edge lengths
  • "xmp": Use custom fields in the PDF description
  • "annotation": New "shapes" annotation: Circle, Square, Line
  • "annotation": Subsequent editing of existing annotations
  • "annotation": Remove existing annotations
  • "annotation": Annotations and responses to annotations
  • "annotation": Flattening of annotations
  • "annotation": Central PDF template from server for rubber stamps
  • "annotation": PDF, SVG and raster images as custom appearance for rubber stamps and note annotations
  • "encrypt/decrypt": Encryption with certificates
  • "encrypt/decrypt": Decryption with certificates and private keys
  • "encrypt/decrypt": Reading PDF documents with certificate encryption
  • "encrypt/decrypt": Partial encryption (exclude metadata) when encrypting with certificates and passwords
  • "compress" (new): Automatic compression depending on the "compress" profile
  • "compress" (new): Function for subsequent compression or optimization
  • "merge": Merge signed PDF (depending on setting in "signature" profile)
  • "extract": Include PDF documents encrypted with certificates in metadata
  • "options": Support for "ViewerPreferences" (e. g. "displayDocTitle")
  • "options": Automatically open a document when opening the PDF Portfolio

Web service "Pdfa"

  • Correct structure/syntax errors in PDF during PDF/A conversion
  • Update PDF/A engine

Web service "Converter"

  • Update OutsideIn for document conversion
  • Update Chromium for HTML conversion (e. g. for mails)

Web service "Signature"

  • Certificates passed directly in parameters as PEM format
  • Multiple signing after changes (incremental PDF documents)
  • Removal of signatures and "rendering" of the visual image in the PDF document

Web service "Barcode"

  • QR Code Swiss Payment
  • Create barcode as graphic or PDF: "/rest/barcode/new"


  • Completely redesigned version of the portal (general UI maintained)
  • All new functions of the web services (see above) integrated
  • Login (if configured) to external OAuth2 providers
  • Align and scale pages
  • HTML and SVG export
  • "Shapes" annotation: Circle, Square, Line
  • Stamps: predefined and custom stamps
  • Open tab management extended: open, (group) close, filter, preview, ...
  • Clickable "tags" in the document manager (attachments, PDF/A, signatures)
  • "Tags" on documents e. g. number of pages, signatures, annotations, history, etc.
  • Simultaneous download of multiple documents as ZIP
  • Adopt display mode from PDF when scrolling (e. g. two-page display)
  • Highlight signature fields and sign directly in the fields by entering the signature on the screen (e. g. "draw" signature)
  • Remember settings per document (e. g. open windows or dialog settings)
  • Activation of keystores for the logged-in user
  • Certificate encryption/decryption on display and execution on PDF document
  • Create barcodes (without PDF)
  • Help directly in the portal using "(i)" and "(?)
  • Placement of objects with new selection frames
  • Dialog call for placeable objects changed
  • Options for annotation as "inline dialog"
  • Responses to annotations

Portal: Admin area

  • New start page with server and web service status overview
  • Statistics for the last 30 days (execution times, formats, server load)
  • Integration of parameter help directly into dialogs
  • All available documentation combined on one page
  • Admin UI now only in English