Creating XRechnung with webPDF

XRechnung is the standard for electronic invoicing for public authorities.

webPDF can easily create a visual image of XRechnung documents. The corresponding XML data is converted into a PDF or PDF/A document via the "Converter" web service. webPDF provides a HTML- and CSS-based standard layout for the visual conversion of the XRechnung, which is based on the open source project ( of KoSIT (Coordination Office for IT Standards). In addition, you of course also have the option of using your own (or customized) layout in HTML format for the conversion.

The webPDF server performs an automatic recognition and validation of the XRechnung data.

In order for the transformation to be carried out correctly, the XRechnung data must be available in the following syntaxes or syntax bindings:

  • CII (UN/CEFACT - Cross Industry Invoice XML)
  • UBL (ISO/IEC 19845 - Universal Business Language Version 2.1 - Invoice)
  • UBL (ISO/IEC 19845 - Universal Business Language Version 2.1 - Credit Note)

With the introduction of the ZUGFeRD 2.0 standard, the requirements of the XRechnung standard under EU standard EN 16931 are now fulfilled. XRechnung can thus be used for electronic invoice exchange with European authorities - in accordance with EU Directive 2014/55/EU.

Authorities switch to XRechnung

With the XRechnung standard, Germany is implementing the specifications of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) for the data contained in an electronic invoice. Authorities must be able to accept XRechnung from suppliers since November 27, 2019. As of November 27, 2020, authorities will only accept XRechnung from suppliers.