PDF web services for SAP

Create and process PDF documents in SAP business applications

The web services of webPDF provide extensive possibilities for the integration of PDF functions in SAP business applications. Based on the SOAP and REST web services, foreign formats can be converted into PDF documents in SAP business applications or existing PDF documents can be processed further.

A central platform for PDF documents

The central server solution webPDF provides a PDF platform for SAP that can be directly integrated into existing business applications or individually developed solutions. The server running under Windows and Linux offers its functions as SOAP or REST web services that can be used directly in the SAP platform.

In addition, a browser-based portal is available for individual PDF operations by users, which can be used as a replacement for client-side installed software.

webPDF follows the open SAP approach of the "Service Oriented Architecture" (SOA) and is currently supporting this approach and its concepts with its web services and the central platform.

Integration via ABAP or Java in SAP business applications

The SOAP and REST web services of webPDF can be easily integrated into the SAP business applications via ABAP or Java programming. You integrate the webPDF web services using SAP NetWeaver, which serves as development and runtime environment for the SAP applications. Make applications available on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (on the ABAP or Java EE stacks) and integrate the PDF functions of webPDF there.

No matter, whether you follow the conceptual approach of the "Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture" (ESOA) via SOAP web service or the more modern way of REST web services (Representational State Transfer), webPDF provides the identical functions based on XSD- or JSON- based schemas via both ways.

Parameterize the PDF web services from ABAP or Java using XML or JSON structures and integrate the functions in SAP business applications to receive XML or JSON responses from the services. To get you started, we provide simple examples as part of our GitHub projects.

Basic framework for PDF services in SAP applications

From the conversion of foreign file formats to the support of standards such as PDF/A - the application of webPDF is useful in many areas.

Based on the framework of our partner XFT, the functions of webPDF can be easily integrated into the business applications via the "webPDF Connector". Regardless, of whether it is for generating previews, converting documents or attaching barcodes to contracts - with the "webPDF Connector" you can quickly start using webPDF in the SAP environment.

Please, contact us! We will be happy to put you in touch with our partner XFT, in order to use webPDF optimally in SAP.