Create and edit PDF portfolio

Create and edit PDF portfolios containing a wide variety of file formats.

With webPDF you can assemble any files in different formats to a collective file as PDF portfolio. It does not matter what kind of files are involved, they can be text documents, e-mails, table formats, PowerPoint presentations, video, or sound files. These are simply integrated into the PDF portfolio in their original format. In edit mode, you can add new files to your PDF portfolio at any time or simply delete unneeded files.

The webPDF web portal offers the possibility to upload various documents in the document manager to convert them into a portfolio afterwards. In addition, folders or folder structures can be created and filled with files in the portfolio. The files contained in the PDF portfolio can, of course, be extracted individually or completely at any time.

The PDF portfolio functions for creating and editing are also available, as usual, via the webPDF web service API.