Set PDF display settings

Set preferred view when opening PDF documents.

webPDF offers an easy way to configure how your PDF is displayed when opened. The function for setting the PDF display, also called document view settings, is provided by webPDF as usual via the web service API as well as comfortably via the web portal. In the web portal the document view when opening (the "view mode") can be configured individually and as desired with just one click.

As display modes the options "Page display" and "Display when opening the page" are available for configuration. Page displays can be used to configure whether the PDF is to be opened in single page or book mode and at which zoom level the page is to be opened initially. The display mode can be used to configure that the PDF is opened on startup, e. g. directly in the full screen mode or the so-called presentation mode. Furthermore, the start page function can be used to specify which page of the PDF file should be displayed when opening it.