Edit PDF documents

Editing PDF documents: Extract, delete or rotate documents in the PDF preview window

webPDF’s integrated editing tool lets you quickly and conveniently edit your PDF documents. Individual pages and entire documents can be automatically or manually modified, aligned and resized. The PDF preview feature allows you to make specific changes to the documents without having to worry about any unexpected results or loss of data. webPDF’s centralized services guarantee you can make corrections and process PDF files from anywhere in your organization.

Extract, delete or rotate documents in a PDF preview window

You can even use webPDF to edit documents as PDFs that have already been prepared for archiving. Any incorrect page order and alignments can be corrected at the last minute without having to access the original files.

The PDF preview showing the results of the changes you make not only speeds up your editing work, but ensures you know what you’re doing at all times. The preview also includes split and merge functions that let you divide documents or compile individual pages to form a new file. The webPDF portal gives you and your employees continuous access to a wide range of editing tools:

  • The preview shows all the editing you’ve done to the PDF
  • A zoom feature gives you a better look at selected pages or entire documents
  • Delete specific pages and sections
  • Use the rotate feature to realign selected parts of documents
  • Extract pages and sections right from your PDFs
  • The PDF preview’s editing feature also lets you split and merge documents