A multi-purpose PDF tool for end-users

With webPDF end-users have a tool at hand, which enables you to create and convert PDF documents in your company. webPDF simplifies the way of creating and converting PDF documents in the company. Once centrally installed, it offers the company and the users many advantages.

The PDF-business solution with many advantages

Available centrally... You have access to a portal from anywhere, which offers you extensive possibilities for PDF conversion. Be it from the local network, mobile from the notebook or per smartphone - you access the functionality of webPDF via a web browser. There is no need for third party software for PDF creation and conversion.

No need to install a local client... There is no need to install any software for PDF conversion on your local machine - software that has to be updated regularly. Simply start the installed web browser, call the portal of webPDF and all the PDF functionality of webPDF will be available.

No original software required... Whether you, nor the server on which the converter auf webPDF is used, requires the original application for the conversion of a file format. It only has to be one of the formats supported by the converter. By using OpenOffice.org, the different file formats are converted into PDF, without the installation or use of the original application. 

Protection of PDF documents... Secure your PDF documents using certificates. Whether e-invoice or internal archiving - the signature service enables you to quickly create secure documents that are protected from manipulation and the authenticity of which can be guaranteed. 

Rely on PDF standards... Create PDF/A conform documents and thus ensure the storing of documents for the archiv system of your company. Or use the PDF/A validation function of webPDF to guarantee that only PDF/A conform documents are stored in the archive.

Performance according to demand... webPDF dynamically adapts to the requirements of your company. You set the number of instances of webPDF and thus determine, how many requests can be processed at the same time. Get the most out of your systems resources and dynamically adapt to the resource requirements.

No costs per PDF... That goes without saying - you have the costs under control! No hidden costs as e. g. per created PDF file. Use webPDF per server installation unlimited

And more... The functionality of webPDF is not only available via the integrated web portal. You can also use webPDF from any, custom made application. Integrate the services into your own applications and thus be able to create or convert PDF documents server-sided.