Converting Documents with Office and SharePoint

Convert directly via Office and SharePoint using the bridges

In addition to the native conversion of Office documents using the built-in converter, webPDF can also use the original Office format applications for conversion via bridges. Through such bridges, the original applications of the various Office file formats are directly linked to webPDF. This produces converted documents of finer quality that are more faithful to the original.

Office bridge for local conversion

Using the Office Bridge to connect Microsoft Office to webPDF provides an even better conversion of the file formats doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx and pptx. The PDF documents created are depicted with optimal quality in the PDF format and correspond to the PDF output of Office itself. All that is required to use it - besides licensing authorization - is a local installation of Office on the same system where webPDF is installed. Then you will be able to convert even the most complex documents to PDF format quickly and easily.

SharePoint as a "remote" converter

If your company has a SharePoint installation, then it too can be integrated into webPDF via the SharePoint Bridge. This allows doc and docx documents to be converted by the Word Automation Services (WAS), provided they are licensed. By installing the SharePoint Bridge as a solution package on the SharePoint server, a web service is available that connects the SharePoint WAS to webPDF. This allows Word documents to be optimally converted.