PDF Archive - Keep documents for the long term

The PDF format - and PDF/A in particular - is a good choice for creating an archive for e-mails and other documents. The demands on companies and public authorities to archive their documents permanently are increasing. Whether internal requirements or legal regulations, the demand for digital archives in companies and public authorities is constantly increasing.

In the past, archives were often based on TIFF documents, but they are increasingly being replaced by the PDF ISO standard 32000 or PDF/A ISO standard 19005. The example of the PDF/A format in particular shows that it has adapted to practical requirements and is optimal for archiving due to the further development of PDF/A-1 via PDF/A-2 to PDF/A-3.

Even if there is no clear statement in laws for the format to be used for archives, the PDF/A format has nevertheless established itself as a clear and recognized standard in the business world. The PDF format is therefore indispensable when setting up archives or performing archiving.

Archiving of all documents in PDF/A format

But how can one master the daily flood of documents - and also the many different formats? Especially at this point webPDF can help to build an archive based on PDF. With its web services for the conversion of documents and the creation of PDF/A-compliant documents, it is the ideal helper for archiving.

By using the central webPDF server, you can convert over 100 file formats into the PDF/A format - without using the original application. In addition, webPDF can check the conformity of PDF/A documents so that only valid documents are stored in the archive.

In addition to archiving documents, the storage of e-mail documents is an important requirement when setting up an archive. With webPDF you can convert all e-mails into PDF or PDF/A documents and thus create an important basis for the archive. You can integrate the web services for e-mail conversion into existing business solutions such as Domino / Lotus Notes, Exchange or SAP.

With webPDF you have the optimal solution to prepare your data for digital archives and thus solve the problem of archiving. If you have further questions about "archiving" or "webPDF", simply send us a message or request our callback using the contact form.