Convert e-mails to PDF

Converting e-mails in Outlook (MSG) and MIME (EML) formats to PDF

webPDF solutions come with all the interfaces and functions you need to convert e-mails to PDF. All the major formats (such as Outlook MSG and MIME EML) can be conveniently and precisely converted. webPDF’s high-resolution conversion operations even make sure that text formats and graphics are accurately maintained. It’s never been easier to convert e-mails to PDF versions that reproduce the messages exactly the way they’re displayed in the mail client. And by using PDF/A-compliant formats you can securely archive all your e-mail correspondence. webPDF’s mail conversion features will live up to all those professional demands you place on your company’s information management and technology practices.

Web services integration in Domino and Exchange

With webPDF you can convert e-mails from the files themselves or right from the mail server. Exchange, IBM Domino and all other major types of servers are supported by integrating the web services. Direct access to the e-mail storage location means you can flexibly use the webPDF server’s full functional range of features and services. And you can centrally plan, manage and implement wide-ranging archiving processes and the conversion of individual e-mail messages.

Shouldn’t you be enjoying the benefits that come from being able to centrally convert, edit and archive your e-mail messages? The webPDF server acts as a sort of document-processing control unit that makes all your workflows and practices involving internal and external e-mail communications more efficient and effective.

Convert HTML formatting and attachments

E-mails formatted in HTML or RTF and all their attachments can also be converted to PDF files. webPDF not only converts HTML mails (incl. CSS) as quickly and accurately as RTF and unformatted (or plain) e-mails, but also lets you convert more than 100 different file formats to PDF or PDF/A without having to access the source software.

Extensive functions and handling routines can be applied to almost all popular document formats. The ability to split and merge e-mails and their attachments lets you improve the focus and concentration of your correspondence archiving. Digital signatures also help ensure the proper handling and processing of documents that contain sensitive information.

webPDF gives you the perfect solution for doing everything PDF related with your electronic correspondence:

  • webPDF converts almost all major e-mail formats (Outlook, MIME)

  • Conversion and formatting processes can be centrally managed using the server

  • All formats and embedded graphics can be converted to PDF

  • Direct conversions to PDF/A let you connect straight to existing archive systems

  • Besides converting e-mails, webPDF has the tools to convert more than 100 different mail attachment file formats