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Happy Birthday: 25 years PDF

The most important data format in today’s working world, whether it is online application, e-mail archiving or longtime archiving, is undisputedly the Portable Document Format (PDF). What does the abbreviation PDF mean? PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a platform-independent file format for documents that was developed and published by Adobe Systems in

PDF/A – The format of the future – Part 3: PDF/A-3

The third part of our series on PDF/A deals with the PDF/A-3 format, which is the current standard for archiving and e-bills. However, this does not mean that the PDF/A-1 or PDF/A-2 formats are no longer valid or should no longer be used. Depending on the intended use, the PDF formats used so far may

Digital workflow: Efficiency through professional PDF solutions for businesses

The latest challenges: Floods of information and e-mail archiving. The most-effective way of working is with PDF documents The digital working world has forever changed the way small, midsize and major businesses operate. The bulk of communications and the sharing of information and data are now taken care of electronically. In many respects you can

PDF/A – The format of the future – Part 1: PDF/A-1

The Portable Document Format (PDF) established itself many years ago as the medium for sharing documents in a form that works everywhere. With it, electronic versions of documents can be faithfully presented, opened, and printed independent of operating system and software. The author can specify at the outset in what form the document will be

Implementing long-term archiving: PDF/a directly from SAP

Many companies use SAP software to manage their documents. In this way, it is possible to create efficient structures even with large amounts of data. However, if it is necessary to archive the files for a long time, some problems may occur. webPDF offers a conversion software that also offers a suitable solution for this

Convert citations and tickets to PDF/A files fully automatically

When the ticket is faster than the speeder. Radar and cameras catch German motorists speeding about three million times a year. The Fines & Citations Office of the city of Leverkusen deals with speeding offenses every day. Most of these violations occur on the bridge that crosses the River Rhine along the A1 autobahn. Here

Proper and legal: PDF/A in the judicial and administrative sectors

Administrative workflows are being modernized as more and more government agencies start using the e-case file – and PDF/A is playing a decisive role in all of this. The call for a modernized workplace has finally reached the courts and government agencies. This development is not only due to the people working in such agencies,

Digital signatures in PDF/A

Digitally sign and complete legally binding business transactions faster It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of being able to digitally sign a document and have evidence of its origin and authorship was nothing but wishful thinking. However, with PDF/A, a document specification has been created that makes all this possible. Now contracts and

PDF/A-3: more features and conforms with ISO

PDF/A-3 brings new features and possibilities ISO officially published the third part of the PDF/A long-term archiving format in late 2012. PDF/A-3 not only retains the fundamental idea of enabling reliable archiving over long periods of time, but was enhanced by the addition of a container function. What’s new? Unlike the previous PDF/A-2 version, this

Optimizing the recruiting process

Technology leader turns to classic job application packages when using SAP e-recruiting Targeted recruiting and an effective applicant management system are essential to any globally operating company seeking to hire the best employees. Whether submitted by e-mail or through the jobs and careers section of a company’s website, electronic applications are now the preferred choice