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PDF Days Europe 2018 in Berlin

The PDF Days, which were initiated by the PDF Association, have been taking place since 2012 and are now an institution for everyone in the industry involved in the Portable Documenta Format (transportable document format) or for anyone who wants to find out about trends and innovations in this area. Ofcourse you have to distinguish

PDF/A – The format of the future – Part 2: PDF/A-2

As our blog series discussed earlier in the first part entitled PDF/A – The format of the future – Part 1: PDF/A-1, the PDF/A format (A=Archive) is already being used with great success for archiving data. And because the benefits of PDF/A are so compelling, even official offices and the administrative sector, which have to

PDF/A and ISO 32000-2

Reliable long-term archiving is one of the great challenges of digital correspondence. With PDF 2.0, which is subject to the strict guidelines of ISO, this is easier to manage. Adobe Systems Portable Document Format (PDF) has been on the market since 1993 and has quickly become the standardization format of the digital world. Over the