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How to integrate fax documents into the workflow

Unbelievable, but true: The fax machine is still in use in 2021! – The fax machine was first introduced at CeBIT in 1990, and 30 years later – people are still faxing. In that sense, it’s a real success story. However, with a drop of bitterness: If one has to work with fax documents, then…


How to optimise your PDf documents with OCR

Using OCR for PDF? Isn’t that a contradiction? You might think so at first, since PDF documents are already digital and OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) is primarily known for helping to digitise paper documents. However, OCR can also help to facilitate work with PDF documents and a good OCR tool should be able to…


OCR – Optical character recognition with webPDF

The webPDF portal and its related OCR web service let you use optical character recognition to convert graphics into editable formats. Optical character recognition (OCR) OCR is used whenever you need to apply an optical character recognition process to graphics formats in order to save them as PDF, text, or XML files. In other words: OCR…

Converting graphics texts into searchable PDFs

Optical input devices, such as scanners and digital cameras, mostly produce images in the form of raster graphics. Such graphics may well contain texts that your computer alone cannot process as such, especially in light of the fact that it is impossible to edit or search text within such graphics formats as png and jpg….


Using webPDF and OCR to convert graphic texts into editable PDF documents

In the course of business you’ll often encounter documents that contain text, but are in a format that computer-based word processing does not support. These sorts of files are mostly images from optical input devices, such as scanners, digital cameras and fax receivers, which are produced in the form of raster graphics. Such texts must…

OCR and the winds of time

OCR as time goes by: The first machine-readable font was developed for the American government 45 years ago. Much has changed in the world of OCR technology from that time until today. 1968 was a revolutionary year – not just in the sense of political upheaval, but in the history of the computer as well….

OCR: webPDF converts graphics into editable documents

Let OCR integrate faxes into your workflow OCR stands for optical character recognition and is a technology that allows PDF documents to be converted into text documents that can be searched and edited. Even in the digital age, faxes have not lost all their importance and are still used widely in a number of areas….


Create searchable PDFs

Countless employees in companies of all types and sizes are struggling with the same everyday problem. The situation of having to screen, process and file faxes and scanned documents is pervasive in today’s modern business world. Too often corporate information technology departments offer their colleagues either a difficult-to-use solution or none at all for converting…