Create searchable PDFs

Countless employees in companies of all types and sizes are struggling with the same everyday problem. The situation of having to screen, process and file faxes and scanned documents is pervasive in today’s modern business world.

Too often corporate information technology departments offer their colleagues either a difficult-to-use solution or none at all for converting scanned documents into searchable PDF files. Now with webPDF such problems are a thing of the past. This web-based software solution combines powerful features with incredibly easy operation.

Many different formats = plenty of complicated solutions?

The remarkable thing about administrative work today is the veritable flood of documents being sent and received that need to be reviewed and processed. Whether you’re dealing with client presentations or reports for management, you’ll find that in most cases there’s no way of avoiding the need to search through them or compile one document from a group of different formats and file types. Besides easy-to-edit formats such as xls or doc, you’re also apt to encounter such image file formats as TIFF and PNG, as well as JPEG graphics, which may require special scrutiny or handling.

Here is where the webPDF enterprise solution uses its integrated optical character recognition (OCR) technology to provide a means of converting these formats and more into searchable PDF files and make life easier for users at all levels.

Searchable PDF files – just fun and games or an efficient way to optimize your day-to-day work?

There is nothing new about the challenge of being able to search through graphics, images and interactive “printed” files and documents. More often than not, business leaders fail to fully appreciate how much time and effort is involved in the complex and imperfect way these materials are being screened and searched in their organizations. This situation can only be remedied by employing powerful and superb-quality tools, such as webPDF, which can convert any number of different formats into searchable PDFs and let you reap all the savings and benefits that come with it. For instance, a workflow can be integrated through which you can easily search for certain data or signal words, such a specific customer number.

webPDF – the simple way to convert scanned documents into searchable PDFs

Unlike with other tools, you’ll be impressed with just how easy it is to use webPDF, not to mention its integrated web-based interface. In just a few simple steps you can convert images, graphics and other scanned documents into fully searchable PDF files. The only thing users have to do to create a PDF file and effortlessly search it for content is access the web service, upload the scanned document, set the source document language, and run the integrated OCR function.

webPDF – one tool, many features

In addition to the features highlighted above, this software solution also lets you further manage and administer the documents. Now these can not only be converted into searchable PDFs, but to editable TXT files as well, which means you can modify and prepare them for more effective use.