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OCR – Optical character recognition with webPDF

The webPDF portal and its related OCR web service let you use optical character recognition to convert graphics into editable formats. Optical character recognition (OCR) OCR is used whenever you need to apply an optical character recognition process to graphics formats in order to save them as PDF, text, or XML files. In other words: OCR

webPDF meets tools 2015

SoftVision an exhibitor at tools in Berlin tools – the exposition and conference all about the intelligent digital transformation of business processes – was held at the Berlin ExpoCenter City from 16 to 17 June 2015. SoftVision Development GmbH was there at Stand 224 with three of its staff introducing visitors to its centralized and

Merge files with the webPDF portal

Who hasn’t encountered a variety of information in the course of work that belongs together, but exists as separate files? Classic examples include job applications consisting of a cover letter, resume/CV, a photo of the applicant, and other supporting documentation. Large businesses in particular receive an enormous amount of information that has to be stored

Convert more than 100 file formats to PDF

Life in big companies is often plagued by having to deal with and process an enormous number of different file formats. Some formats even require having to install and maintain additional programs in order to work with them. All of this leads to an additional expense and effort that can be easily avoided. One of