How can webPDF reduce admin costs?

webPDF is an ideal solution for use in businesses of any size. What are the benefits of this software package and how exactly can it reduce admin costs?

The key to savings can be found in its centralized and simple administration:

  1. You only have to maintain and update one single software package on the server. All of the clients use a standard browser to access the PDF features and no local software installations are required. Updates can be made centrally and rapidly on the server.
  2. All of webPDF’s features can be configured directly on the server or in the admin section.
  3. Multi-platform capability: You can deploy webPDF on a platform that is already available within your company. And webPDF can be installed incredibly fast using the automatic installation routine for Windows or Linux (GUI and console) or as a fully configured VMware machine.
  4. The scalable server application lets you carefully adjust system capacity to the needs of your users. Resources can be added in response to performance needs and the server is where you can set the number of instances you want available for each web service systemwide.
  5. You also have the option of doing a high level of unified monitoring which, for example, will enable you to check the availability of PDF functionalities quickly and conveniently.
  6. webPDF can also be run on a 64-bit platform, which makes it ideally prepared to handle an increasing number of requests.

The webPDF solution delivers these benefits and more, all of which are proven ways of reducing costs. This software package is not only easy to use and requires very little training, but also opens up a broad range of opportunities and options for developers. What’s more, the unique webPDF portal is yet another gigantic plus when it comes to saving you money.

The webPDF portal: Create and edit PDF documents on the web!

The webPDF portal lets you use your own browser to easily and conveniently configure and create PDF documents on the web. This includes signing and archiving existing PDFs. Learn more about these features here. The webPDF portal is accessible on the internet from just about anywhere, which gives it total mobility and ensures it’s available at all times. And because no local installation is required, there are no additional expenses involved. The portal also cuts costs thanks to administrators having to manage only one central server installation and not having to concern themselves with any local installations or updates.