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URL converter with wsclient library

Now we show you how to convert webpages to PDF with the URL-converter Webservice. For this you can use our webPDF wsclient library. Webservice call At the beginning you should already have created a REST- or SOAP-session and thus be able to create either an UrlConverterWebService object (for a SOAP session) by calling the WebserviceFactory..

Tips and tricks: Convert HTML pages to PDF files

The webPDF portal makes it very easy to convert HTML pages into PDF format. With the URL Conversion service, you have the option of storing HTML documents as PDF documents according to your wishes. All you have to do is call up the URL in question. If the website is located in a protected area,

Converting URLs to PDF

A lot of valuable information can get lost from regular changes in the content of web pages or when entire pages or sites become no longer available. One way of preventing this loss is to locally save the online content as a PDF file. Doing so allows you to prepare specific web content for printing