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Secure your documents with Digital Signatures – Part 1

With the webPDF-portal you have the possibility to provide PDF documents with digital suignatures. The Digital Signature service, which is based on the “Signature” webservice, enables documents to be digitally signed and certified. Internal and external communication processes can thus be optimally handled electronically. What is a digital signature? Many documents are now sent digitally.

Digital signatures in PDF/A

Digitally sign and complete legally binding business transactions faster It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of being able to digitally sign a document and have evidence of its origin and authorship was nothing but wishful thinking. However, with PDF/A, a document specification has been created that makes all this possible. Now contracts and

PDF 2.0: Digital signatures

PDF 2.0 makes it possible to digitally sign documents – and more importantly, in a manner by which you can be sure that the signature has in fact originated from the signatory in question. Recent years have seen the increasing importance of being able to transmit confidential documents using the World Wide Web. One good

Electronic invoice: ten facts!

Reading tip on the subject of electronic invoicing Since 1 July 2011, the transmission of an electronic invoice has been optional. The Tax Simplification Act 2011 (in Germany) implements the requirements of the 2010 amended EU- VAT system Directive: The use of a qualified electronic signature or the EDI procedure for the electronic invoice is

Ensure legal certainty with digital signatures

Times like these when most communications – both of a personal and business nature – are made electronically give rise to the explicit need for the digital signature: one that is unalterable and satisfies the legal requirements of a handwritten signature. The digital signature enables individuals to sign documents electronically. A digital signature is inseparably