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PDF/A and ISO 32000-2

Reliable long-term archiving is one of the great challenges of digital correspondence. With PDF 2.0, which is subject to the strict guidelines of ISO, this is easier to manage. Adobe Systems Portable Document Format (PDF) has been on the market since 1993 and has quickly become the standardization format of the digital world. Over the

PDF 2.0: Digital signatures

PDF 2.0 makes it possible to digitally sign documents – and more importantly, in a manner by which you can be sure that the signature has in fact originated from the signatory in question. Recent years have seen the increasing importance of being able to transmit confidential documents using the World Wide Web. One good

Long-term archiving: a good read about PDF/A

What’s the deal with PDF/A? Originally designated PDF/A-1, this standardized version of the conventional PDF format was established as the international standard ISO 19005-1 in late 2005 and has been available as an ISO standard in its extended versions PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 since July 2011 and October 2012 respectively. Since that time, and for a

The ISO 24517 standard for engineering and technical documents

ISO 24517, also called PDF/E, is one of the newest standards governing PDF and was verified in 2007. This subset of the PDF format (the ISO 24517 standard) was designed especially for technical documents created in engineering and architecture workflows, and supports interactive media including 3D depictions. Its broad scope of application also extends to

ISO 16612-2: PDF/VT for personalized print

Following three years of collaboration among industry leaders, the PDF/VT format was published as the ISO 16612-2 standard in August 2010. This version of PDF is based on the PDF imaging model and is designed specifically for the requirements of variable (V) and transactional (T) data printing workflows. The stated goal of ISO 16612-2 is

PDF/A – legally compliant and secure archiving

In many businesses, document archiving is one of the most sensitive parts of data processing. Electronic documents have to be specially prepared for the archiving process in order to guarantee readability over time. webPDF lets you convert files to the PDF/A format and ensures that documents, image files and other materials can  be faithfully rendered

webPDF 3.0 is available!

Since 01.08.2011 the new version 3.0 of webPDF is available. The new version features a new web portal and new web services for PDF processing. A completely new web portal has been integrated into the new version 3.0. This makes it possible for every user to use the functions of webPDF with a simple web