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Webservices-interfaces: SOAP and RESTful

In this technical contribution we would like to compare the webservice-interfaces SOAP and REST. webPDF provides its PDF-functions as SOAP as well as RESTful-webservices. But how do the SOAP and RESTful methods differ and what are the advantages and disadvantages? When it comes to software development, the keyword API or RESTful API is often used….

New demo-version online!

The release of the new version webPDF 6.0 is just around the corner. For those of you, who are interested, we have released an online demo version in advance. The new interface is available for testing on the webPDF portal. Free demo version – get to know the new functions Test all the new features…

New webPDF interface – exclusive video preview

webPDF’s new user interface not only has a fresh look but has been fully updated and modernized. In addition, the webPDF server now provides innovative and more convenient functions. This new user interface lets you upload files via drag & drop and track all changes in the document preview. A larger and more concise display…