What's new in version 8.0?

Release date: 01.10.2019


  • Switch to OpenJDK 11 and integration into installation
  • Provision of Linux packages for APT package manager, yum or Zypper
  • Docker and VMware image based on Debian 10 (Buster)


  • All key server functions adjustable via the portal
  • Display logs directly in the portal

"Toolbox" web service

  • New operation "Move": Move pages within the document
  • New operation "Outline": Create and edit outlines
  • New operation "Redact": "Clean" a document of certain content
  • New operation "Portfolio": Create and edit portfolio documents
  • Enhancements to operation "Options"
  • Crop pages by setting frames such as MediaBox or CropBox
  • Add or change background
  • Add or change headers and footers
  • Headers and footers: "Bates numbering" for pages
  • Add or remove page transitions while browsing
  • Enhancement to operation "Extraction": Export images from PDF
  • Enhancement to operation "Attachment": Page attachment without icon
  • Enhancement to operation "Info": Output further metadata of the PDF document, e. g. for annotations, forms or attachments

"OCR" web service

  • Improve detection of rotated pages through automatic alignment

"Converter" web service

  • New "Chromium" HTML enginge for improved conversion of HTML-based documents, e. g. EML or MSG
  • Template engine based on HTML, a macro language and variables for creating new PDF documents
  • Conversion of e-mails based on a template
  • Template with additional variables, such as information on the annexes
  • Template adapted when accessing the web service
  • Improved support for MHT files
  • Convert text documents as formatted output (HTML template)
  • Output formatted source code files with automatic syntax recognition
  • Enhancement of attachment mode for mail conversion: Convert and connect
  • Customization for download of images with EML, MSG, MHT or HTML: Embedded images are displayed and the download of external images is controllable

"PDF/A" web service

  • Improved automatic content correction
  • Supports ZUGFeRD 2.0


  • Completely redesigned web portal with multi-document view and menu
  • Document manager: Easily manage multiple documents and simultaneously perform operations on them
  • Automatic conversion when uploading to the portal
  • Improved display of PDF documents
  • Improved preview of foreign formats (e. g. e-mails)
  • Portfolio: Display, edit and create
  • Attachments: Preview, add, extract and remove
  • Page list: Direct operations, visual shifting
  • Bookmark: Navigation in the document
  • Search: Text search in the document with hit list display and navigation
  • Signatures: List and add (at page or document level)
  • Add and edit margins
  • Add or change background
  • Adjustment of page transitions
  • History: Undo stack for undoing a completed operation
  • Annotations: Listing, display and direct navigation
  • News panel for the home page