What's new in version 7.0?

Release date: 01.08.2017

Web services

  • New SOAP 1.2 endpoints and transition of the web service endpoints in combination with a new definition of the parameters1)
  • New REST API endpoints: Transfer of parameters as XML or JSON structures based on the XSD definition
  • New structure of the parameters:
    • Definition of parameters via XSD as a uniform scheme
    • Uniform parameters for the SOAP and REST APIs


  • DEB and RPM packages for Linux
  • Separation of the "work data" from the program installation under Windows for an easier update 


  • Setting of the configuration of webPDF via the admin portal
  • All configuration files as XML documents with XSD 

Introduction of bridges

  • Integration of external applications for document conversion:
    • Office Bridge for converting documents via Microsoft Office2)
    • SharePoint Bridge for converting Word documents using Microsoft SharePoint2) 

New "Barcode" web service

  • Barcode creation and recognition: 11 barcode formats (Aztec, Codabar, Code128, Code39, DataMatrix, EAN13, EAN8, ITF, PDF417, QR Code, UpcA) 

Enhanced "Converter" web service

  • Update of OutsideIn (new formats: Office 2016, Corel Office X7, Autocad 2014/2015 DWG/DXF)
  • Templates for e-mails, ICS and VCF
  • Enhanced conversion of e-mails: Automatic conversion of attachments to PDF or embedding of the original 

Extension of the "Toolbox" web service

New "Annotation" operation

  • New features for generating text markers (underline, strike through, highlight) and notes (sticky notes)
  • Merge attachments with annotations and position them on the page 

New "Attachment" operation

  • Add, remove, and detach files on document and page levels
  • Connect attachments with annotations and define the appearance (color, position, pop-up text) 

Extension of the "Merge" operation 

  • Metadata, outlines, articles, tags, page labels, AcroForms and layers are considered
  • Automatic creation of outlines from the documents to be merged 

Extension of the "Split" operation

  • Metadata, tags, and layers are now considered, when being split

Extension of the operation "Watermark"

  • Scaling of the graphic of watermarks with optional consideration of the "aspect ratio"

Extension of the "Extraction"operation

  • Extraction of words with positions
    • Extraction of text separated by paragraphs
    • Extraction in different formats (JSON, XML, text)
    • Extension of the link extraction: Search for links in content, which are only available as text
  • Export of document information

      Extension of the "Pdfa" web service

      •  Improved conversion performance by additional automatic corrections of the PDF document


      Completely revised browser portal (online demo) to use the webPDF features on the client (desktop or mobile device):

      • Visually redesigned portal (overall appearance) and optimized performance for browsers
      • More clearly structured dialogs
      • Improved action, e. g. scroll, zoom or highlight with the mouse
      • Rulers for viewer and display of attachments, outlines and signatures of the PDF document
      • Pre-defined zoom levels, fit in page or zoom with the mouse
      • Navigate in the PDF document via outlines
      • Password entry and management for protected documents (no more complete decryption required)
      • Consideration of the PDF/signature security during the execution of the portal functions
      • Visual positioning of elements in the PDF (e. g. barcodes, annotations or signatures)
      • Display of annotations (including pop-ups) in the PDF viewer
      • Filter for file list
      • New features available: Barcode, annotation, attachments
      • New options in dialogs:
        • Rotation: Orientation, odd/even
        • Extract pages: Delete after removal
        • Watermark: Consider "aspect ratio"
        • Extract content: Words + various return formats
        • Graphics export: Maximum size is adjustable
        • Signature: Individual fields and visual appearance are customizable
        • PDF/A: ZUGFeRD integration
        • Converter: Page formats are adjustable, processing of e-mail attachments
        • Merge: Order is definable


      1) The old endpoints are considered outmoded and will be removed in the next webPDF version. For compatibility reasons, the old SOAP 1.1 endpoints and parameter definitions are still available. Existing connections should be changed, and new connections should only use the new endpoints.

      2) A valid license for the respective application is required for using such external applications and is neither a part of nor included with webPDF.