What is new in version 6.0?

Release date: 04.11.2015

New web portal

  • Redesigned portal with modern look and feel
  • Portal with responsive design for desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • All PDF features easily and quickly accessible to the user
  • Integrated PDF preview

Server administration

  • Administration of the server via the administration area of the portal
  • Connection of the user authentication to external sources, such as LDAP/Active Directory (AD) or SQL database  

Web services

  • All web services now also available as a RESTful API

Conversion of file formats

  • Support added for LibreOffice Impress, Calc and Writer from 4.x onwards, Autocad 2013 and Visio 2010

OCR for PDF documents

  • OCR conversion of existing PDF documents that consist of graphics (e. g. output of scanners)

Update of PDF/A converter

  • Enhanced PDF correction during PDF/A conversion, to convert more existing PDF documents
  • Embedding of ZUGFeRD XML data into a PDF/A-3 document

Embedding of XMP data

  • Integration of your own XML data into the XMP area of the PDF document
  • Standardization of the data in accordance with ISO 16684-1:2012
  • PDF/A-compliant integration of the XML data   

E-mail conversion

  • Embedding or removal of e-mail attachments during the PDF conversion