What is new in version 5.0?

Release date: 01.09.2013

Conversion of e-mails

  • Extension of the web service "Converter" by the conversion of e-mail documents in the MSG (Microsoft Outlook Email Message) and EML (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) format. Display of the e-mails as PDF documents, as they e. g. are displayed in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Central conversion on the server with optional download of the graphics in the e-mail. No third-party application is required on the server. This can e. g. be used for the central conversion of e-mails that are located in Exchange, Domino or other mail servers.
  • Connection to the webservice for PDF/A conversion, to prepare the e-mails e. g. directly for archiving systems.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

  • New web service "OCR" for the optical character recognition, that is conversion of graphic files via OCR technology into resolved (searchable) PDF documents.
  • With this web service e. g. scanned or fax documents can be converted back to searchable and editable PDF documents. This way the converted PDF documents can easier be integrated in the workflow, as they e. g. are searchable by terms and can therefore be assigned to the processes more easily.

Support of new file formats

  • Extension of the web service "Converter" by new file formats such as e. g. Office 2011/2013 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), WordPerfect X6 (Word Processor, QuattroPro, Presentations) or Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).
  • Conversion of HTML documents that are available as static files.

Web service for the conversion of HTML content

  • New web service "URLConverter" for the conversion of HTML content, that is dynamically requested by a URL, into PDF documents.
  • This web service can be used e. g. for the integration in web applications, to convert web content into PDF dynamically. Thus, in websites e. g. content can be compiled by users and then converted into PDF documents, within the workflows. Also the display of product information in websites and making it available as PDF documents can be realised.

Advanced security for portal and web services

  • Improved integration in corporate networks with LDAP and Active Directory support. The user login in the portal or the protection of the server resources can be done via LDAP or Active directory directories. The administration of the users is done centrally in the external directories.

Extraction of content from the PDF documents

  • The server provides the option to extract content from existing PDF documents. The textual content, as well as all URLs that appear in the document, can be extracted.
  • In addition, a XML report that delivers information about a PDF document - such as e. g. number of pages, used encryption, document properties or used PDF/A standard - can be created.

Adding of water marks

  • PDF documents can be "stamped" by adding water marks. Water marks based on a graphic or a text are supported.
  • Besides the positioning of the water mark the rotation, lucency and scaling can also be specified.
  • For text water marks, the font type, font size and font color can also be defined.

Speeding up of the PDF/A conversion

  • Performance increasement when converting PDF documents to PDF/A partially by factor 3 to 4.
  • Full support of the PDF/A-3 standard (conformance levels a, b and u)
  • Simplified XML reports for the validation of PDF/A documents.