Licensing webPDF

The following outlines is the most important information about licensing webPDF.

The respective license agreement and SoftVision’s General Business Terms & Conditions apply for all licensing.

How is webPDF licensed?

For end users, webPDF is licensed according to the number of installations.

One license entitles the end user to install webPDF on one server. An additional license authorizes the use on an additional server. Any number of additional licenses may be purchased.

There is no time limit on the licensing of webPDF and no license renewal is required. The webPDF license places no restriction on the number of users who may connect to the server, applications that can access the web services, or PDF documents created or processed.

What does "end user" in the licensing agreement mean?

The term "end user" means a third party which has acquired the right to use the webPDF application for its own internal business purposes in accordance with the license agreement.

This definition does not include corporations, public institutions, hosting or data center providers, or those operating the applications as an ASP, SaaS or similar service. A separate agreement is required for such institutions, providers or operating modes, which we will be glad to offer you.

What server licenses are available for webPDF?

A license is required for each installation on a server in single, load-balancing, fail-over (stand-by), QA, or test/development operation. Please, contact us regarding the special licenses we offer for fail-over and test/development operations.

How can I increase the performance of webPDF?

In the standard version, webPDF is delivered with two (2) instances per server. For each web service endpoint (e. g. "document conversion"), a maximum of two requests can be executed simultaneously. All other requests must wait until an instance becomes available. This limits the maximum throughput of the server per time unit. This data throughput can be increased and thus adapted to the performance of the hardware (e. g. CPU performance) by purchasing additional instances per server. By purchasing additional instances per server installation (see price list), the performance of webPDF can be increased.

How much does webPDF cost?

You will find the current price for the server license in our latest retail price list for webPDF, which is available for downloading as a PDF.

All prices are stated in euros and do not include the applicable statutory value-added tax. A discount schedule is also available on request.