Create searchable PDF documents with OCR

Use OCR to convert graphics, scanned and faxed documents to PDF files that can be searched and edited.

webPDF has a PDF-OCR feature that lets you convert the texts contained in image documents into ones that can be searched and edited. This optical character recognition, or OCR, feature reads out those texts that are scanned or only available as images and then allows them to be converted into a searchable and editable PDF file. This feature solves the problem of integrating paper documents into your digital communications channels. The webPDF engine’s text conversion feature puts an end to having to transcribe content and the inefficiencies of working with documents containing images of texts.

Make graphics and scanned and faxed documents editable

The centralized implementation of the webPDF server engine lets you fully integrate scanned documents, faxes, image files and other documents saved as PDFs into your organization’s digital workflows. Your employees will enjoy the benefits and convenience of being able to do word processing with image files that contain text. This PDF-OCR feature now makes it possible to search texts efficiently, copy and paste, and mark, edit and re-use content from datasets that were originally only available in the form of photos, graphics or scans. High-resolution readout operations also allow image files of only mediocre quality to be transformed into machine-readable documents.

Make your workflows more effective

Those workflows in which it is important to quickly and efficiently identify, process and archive documents so that they can be retrieved later can be made much more effective by the ability to convert images containing text into a real text format. Because it is centrally deployed, the webPDF software allows you to seamlessly integrate all images containing text into your company’s electronic data processing work. The server-based use of webPDF’s OCR features will make your work, communications, and archiving processes not only much faster, but more reliable and convenient as well. The ability to access such OCR operations at any time will also accelerate and enhance your organization’s workflows.

A web service that automates the OCR feature

The webPDF server centrally organizes the way your day-to-day accumulation of image files containing texts are converted to machine-readable text files. Both the conversion to PDF format and the direct output as real text are made possible by a web service that uses the centralized OCR functions. The developer-friendly software architecture ensures that all the functionalities can be precisely integrated within your company’s workflows:

  • webPDF has features for the optical character recognition of different image formats (TIFF, JPEG, PNG)
  • Recognizes and converts German, English, French, Italian and Spanish
  • PDF documents containing images of texts can be converted to searchable versions
  • Server-side processes read out and convert scanned documents and faxes

The integrated PDF-OCR feature enables the output of both PDF files