Create and validate PDF/A documents for archiving

Use webPDF to create documents in PDF/A standard (ISO 19005), check them, and then use them for archiving purposes.

The PDF/A format lets you store and archive documents over the long term in accordance with the ISO standards 19005-1:2005 (PDF/A-1), 19005-2:2011 (PDF/A-2) and 19005-2:2012 (PDF/A-3).

This PDF/A format guarantees document readability over time. Using this PDF version ensures that after long-term archiving the files can be opened and that their formatting will be faithfully rendered well into the future regardless of the software that was used to create them. Version updates and the use of different software applications and file formats can make document preservation a very difficult task. PDF/A, as an ISO standard, not only makes archiving your company’s documents secure and legally compliant, but also easy, automated and viable for the future.

Centralized PDF/A generation for archiving purposes

webPDF’s ability to centrally generate PDF/A documents makes the archiving of your company’s records and transactions a task that can be automated, and is compatible, precisely configurable and absolutely uniform. Almost all the documents that accumulate in the course of your business can be converted using the server (without having to access the source software) and readied for the archiving process. All the steps needed to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and your internal company policies can be implemented and automated economically and efficiently. The ability to completely and faithfully reproduce your documents means you’ll always have access to past business records and histories. All you have to do is access the server using any internet-capable device, convert the documents to PDF/A and then check them.

Check PDF/A conformity

webPDF has an integrated feature for validating PDF documents to make sure that only those documents that actually meet the official ISO standard undergo the archiving process. This feature can also check files coming into your company and then prepare them for long-term digital storage. webPDF comes with all the features you need to convert your company’s entire flow of documents to the PDF/A standard and properly manage them. webPDF is the more economical, efficient and viable way to comply with all the statutory requirements and your own policies for preserving documents. This powerful webPDF engine also gives you all the tools for professionally preparing your documents for long-term and compliant archiving.

  • webPDF converts more than 100 file formats to PDF/A and makes all the needed corrections and amendments
  • Supports all conformance levels (A - Accessible, B - Basic and U - Unicode)
  • On request, the PDF engine can also verfiy compliance with the established standards for PDF/A-1 (ISO 19005-1:2005), PDF/A-2 (ISO 19005-2:2011) and PDF/A-3 (ISO 19005-2:2012)
  • webPDF can also prepare detailed reports in XML format about your actions when creating and checking PDF/A files