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Convert files into PDF

Why convert files into PDF?
Other file formats as e.g. Word documents are incapable for data exchanges. They can be changed or manipulated and contents can be displayed in a wrong way. Thus documents are usually converted into the world-wide accepted standard format Portabe Document Format (PDF). A PDF file can be read platform-independant on any computer and is displayed in the samy way everywhere.

How can you convert a file in to PDF?
With webPDF you are able to convert your file into PDF in two ways:

  • webPDF.portal: Via the portal files can be converted into PDF online for free. Just upload your file, make your settings and create a PDF file with a simple click.

  • webPDF.jclient: If you prefer to convert files on your own computer, you only have to copy the webPDF.jclient in a directory on your system  Wenn Sie Ihre Datei gerne auf Ihrem eigenen Rechner konvertieren möchten, müssen Sie nur den webPDF.jclient in ein beliebiges Verzeichnis kopieren und können die Anwendung direkt starten - ohne komplizierte Installation. Der webPDF.jclient bietet dieselben Einstellungsmöglichkeiten wie das Portal. Eine Demo-Version finden Sie in unserem download area zum Testen.