Human resources: standardizing formats with webPDF

Human resources: standardizing formats with webPDF

Whether it’s résumés, information from social media channels, or the results of performance reviews and guidance sessions, the human resources depart­ments of today’s businesses are accumulating enormous amounts of data. Much time will have to be invested in the information contained in these records if you want to draw con­clu­sions on which to base your

PDF web services for software developers

webPDF provides all the developers in your organization with a complete range of web services for creating and managing PDF files, along with the option of integrating these services into your own applications. Providing PDF capabilities as web services goes beyond just adding enormous value to your daily business processes. How they can be used

webPDF – small tool, big impact

The server-based webPDF solution not only makes it a lot easier for users to handle and manage an often overwhelming number of files in different formats, but dramatically improves the daily workflows within your company as well. webPDF lets you centrally manage the overall way your organization uses and interacts with PDF documents. This tool


PDF – the all-purpose format

PDF is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! Just the occasion to take a closer look at what PDF is all about. Who developed it and for whom? What sort of different PDF versions are there? Find the answers to these questions and more below. The Portable Document Format, better known simply as PDF, is

Long-term archiving with PDF/A

Reliable and durable reproduction together with a recognized level of legal and audit compliance are indispensable features for the long-term preservation and archiving of electronic documents. The PDF/A format provides the legal certainty you need for long-term archiving and is one reason why it has been an ISO standard since 2005. The format has been

PDF portal lets you convert documents in your browser

webPDF provides a portal in which you can create PDF documents from all sorts file formats or modify any existing PDFs you may have. Just upload the document to the PDF portal and click a button to create or modify a PDF document. You’ll see the buttons for the various features and functions to the