ZUGFeRD: the new standard for electronic invoices

ZUGFeRD: the new standard for electronic invoices

PDF/A-3 as the preferred ZUGFeRD format The Central User Guidelines of the Electronic Billing Forum of Germany – best known by its acronym ZUGFeRD, which resembles and is pronounced like the German word for a draft horse – describe a new document and file format for the exchange of electronic invoices. The initiators’ goal is

PDF Association: ten myths about PDF/A

A good read: PDF Association clears the air For many businesses, the PDF/A format provides the ideal basis for long-term archiving that is as uncomplicated as it is secure. Originally designated PDF/A-1, this standardized version of the conventional PDF format was established as the international standard ISO 19005-1 in late 2005 and has been available

Create graphics files with webPDF

webPDF easily converts PDF documents into graphics files just the way you want them. PDF documents must be converted into graphics files if you want to establish a TIFF archive system or in cases when document archiving programs only accept a particular image file format, such as JPEG or PNG. The PDF file format is

OCR: webPDF converts graphics into editable documents

Let OCR integrate faxes into your workflow OCR stands for optical character recognition and is a technology that allows PDF documents to be converted into text documents that can be searched and edited. Even in the digital age, faxes have not lost all their importance and are still used widely in a number of areas.


Electronic invoice: ten facts!

Reading tip on the subject of electronic invoicing Since 1 July 2011, the transmission of an electronic invoice has been optional. The Tax Simplification Act 2011 (in Germany) implements the requirements of the 2010 amended EU- VAT system Directive: The use of a qualified electronic signature or the EDI procedure for the electronic invoice is