Use of our software at partner companies

Our software can generally be used in many ways. Furthermore, it is also possible to distribute webPDF as a partner or reseller. In case of an existing partnership webPDF can be integrated into your own applications and products and thus be sold as a unit.

Your customers will usually not notice that webPDF is in use, because the tool usually runs in the background.

More about our partner companies

As a partner company you have the advantage that you can get your own agreements and benefit from a license model that is individually tailored to your needs. Since several years we have made very good experiences with our partner models and for this reason we are constantly looking for new interesting contacts.

Practical examples: What can such partnerships look like?

  • Our SAP partner XFT sells our conversion solution webPDF in the SAP environment. The basic product of XFT is rounded off with webPDF as a component. webPDF is recommended for all customers who need a conversion tool and is therefore used in a huge network. The partnership exchange with XFT has been working perfectly for years and is a perfect example of how a sales partnership with SoftVision can work:
  • Another example of a successful partnership with a reseller is the assignment at Infoniqa as e-Recruiting experts. Here webPDF is used as a building block for the Infoniqa e-Recruiting software. Thus, webPDF is distributed and successfully used by a wide range of customers in different industries. Within the application management system as well as the personnel file, which is distributed by Infoniqa, webPDF has been used as a conversion solution for years:
  • We have also established a successful partnership with our reseller project0708. This IT service and consulting company with focus on SAP cloud solutions for HR uses webPDF as a conversion solution and resells it to the large network of customers. With its PDF Converter for SAP ERP HCM, projekt0708 enables a classic applicant folder for SAP E-Recruiting. Thereby webPDF is used as conversion solution:
  • Another example shows how partner companies can benefit in the area of recruiting. For example, webPDF has been successfully used as an integrated solution by the recruiting expert d.vinci for many years. Here, webPDF is integrated as a hosted solution into a HRE solution and d.vinci customers who use the applicant management of d.vinci use webPDF as an integrated solution. Among them are also some well-known companies: