Security update for webPDF 8

Minimum technical requirements

  • Java version: 11
  • webPDF version: 8 (revision 2193)

Currently a security update for webPDF 8 is available with the revision number 2193.

The important core components OpenJDK (11.0.9+11) and Tomcat (9.0.39) have also been updated. This allows you to upgrade all used libraries and dependencies to the latest versions. We recommend our security updates for all customers as they are essential for an optimal and secure use of webPDF.

In addition to that, problems with the webPDF web services that have occurred since the release of the 8th release have been fixed again.

What are the most important fixes in revision 2193?

  • Web services: incorrect reading of metadata for signatures
  • web services: External SOAP 1.2 dependency of WSDL removed
  • Linux packages: dependencies of RPM packages corrected
  • Web service: conversion of TIFF without DPI specifications
  • Webservice: Timeout error with toolbox function “Redact
  • Webservice: specification of pages at “sanitize” for annotations no longer necessary
  • Installation: Error in checking the existing VC Redist installation fixed

Update of the Java client “webpdf-wsclient

The Java client for the use of the webPDF Web Services has been updated. The library can now be used in version 2.0.1 and supports all features of the current webPDF 8 version with revision 2193. You can find the client on the GitHub project.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our support-team at any time.


  • Here you will find the update as usual: Download page.
  • The package for Linux via our public repository can be found here: Linux packages