PDF/A-3: more features and conforms with ISO

PDF/A-3: more features and conforms with ISO

PDF/A-3 brings new features and possibilities ISO officially published the third part of the PDF/A long-term archiving format in late 2012. PDF/A-3 not only retains the fundamental idea of enabling reliable archiving over long periods of time, but was enhanced by the addition of a container function. What’s new? Unlike the previous PDF/A-2 version, this

Optimizing the recruiting process

Technology leader turns to classic job application packages when using SAP e-recruiting Targeted recruiting and an effective applicant management system are essential to any globally operating company seeking to hire the best employees. Whether submitted by e-mail or through the jobs and careers section of a company’s website, electronic applications are now the preferred choice

Accessibility: PDF for everyone!

How you can check a PDF document for accessibility Creating accessible PDF documents makes sense. After all, it’s an important way to give people with disabilites access to important content. People who are blind or visually impaired, for example, can use a screen reader to read the text and information contained in such accessible PDF