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Accessible PDF files: PDF/UA

The ISO standard 14289-1, better known as PDF/UA, describes the requirements for universally accessible PDF documents. The PDF/UA standard marked the first time that businesses and government agencies were provided with a guide for ensuring that software, hardware and electronic documents work together as best as possible to eliminate barriers to access. Whenever there is

Accessibility: PDF for everyone!

How you can check a PDF document for accessibility Creating accessible PDF documents makes sense. After all, it’s an important way to give people with disabilites access to important content. People who are blind or visually impaired, for example, can use a screen reader to read the text and information contained in such accessible PDF

Accessible IT: the latest legal situation

PDF/UA (Universal Accessibility) was formalized in July 2012 as the ISO 14298-1 standard and is the designation for a variety of PDF specifically designed to create accessible PDF documents. This standard provides a uniform description of the requirements that a PDF document must satisfy, and which also fulfills the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. The

Universal accessibility with PDF/UA

PDF/UA (Universal Accessibility) was published in July 2012 as the ISO 14298-1 standard and designates a variety of the PDF standard for creating accessible PDF documents. This standard not only marks the first time that uniform requirements for the universal accessibility of PDF documents were described, but also ensures that these PDF documents comply with