Security and feature update for webPDF 8

Minimum technical requirements

  • Java version: 11
  • webPDF version: 8 (revision 2229)

A security and feature update for webPDF 8 is currently available with the revision number 2229.

The important core components OpenJDK (11.0.10) and Tomcat (9.0.41) have also been updated. This allows you to upgrade all used libraries and dependencies to the latest versions.

We recommend our security updates for all customers, as they are essential for an optimal and secure use of webPDF.

This security update also fixes some issues with the webPDF web services that have occurred since the release of version 8.

These are the most important fixes and new features since the last update:


  • Security: Update OpenJDK to 11.0.10
  • Security: Update Tomcat to 9.0.41
  • Security: Update of all libraries
  • Security / Feature: Update PDF/A converter


  • Fix: Duplicate display of content in AcroForms
  • Feature: Display server load in backend

Web services:

  • Fix: Wrong position of redaction
  • Fix: Remove invalid links to deleted pages after “split” or “delete”
  • Feature: Consider color depth when converting graphics
  • Feature: Set language in metadata
  • Fix: Infinite loop on toolbox split operation
  • Fix: Null pointer exception when inserting XMP data
  • Fix: Error in template when converting an ICS document fixed
  • Feature: Collect server status information and make it available via REST
  • Fix: Mail conversion: remove invalid characters in filenames of an attachment
  • Fix: Exception on mail conversion and processing of attachments with old parameter structure
  • Fix: Exception mail conversion in “ConvertMergeEmbed” mode
  • Fix: Size of output file is always zero in billing entry
  • Feature: Support ZUGFeRD 2.1.x in webPDF

If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact our support.


Here you can find the update as usual: Download page.

The package for Linux via our public repository can be found here: Linux packages