Parameter change – it’s high time!

Since version 7 of webPDF we have introduced the new parameter structure based on JSON and XML schemas.

This new parameter structure replaces the old parameters, which consisted of a single string parameter and were linked with “&”.

Old parameters:


New parameters:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<operation xmlns="">
    <converter embedFonts="true">
            <convert level="3b"/>

The old parameters are available since the first version of webPDF and were used via the SOAP 1.1 endpoints. By announcing the SOAP 1.1 endpoints (which use these parameters) as “obsolete”, the parameters have to be changed.

In versions 7 and 8, the old parameters are still available (for compatibility reasons), but have not been given new options since then. All new features since webPDF 7 are only available in the new parameter structures.

webPDF 8 is the last version that still supports the old parameters or that has SOAP 1.1 endpoints. With the deactivation of the SOAP 1.1 endpoints in the next webPDF version the old parameters will be deactivated as well

It will no longer exist as e.g. the end point “/webPDF/Converter” and must be replaced by “/webPDF/soap/converter”.

So if your connection to webPDF has not been changed yet, it is high time to do so with webPDF 8!

Change your application now so that you can easily update to a new webPDF version in the future.

If you have problems with the conversion, please contact the support at We will gladly help you with the conversion or answer your questions.