Case study: Consolidation of archives due to a company takeover

Our webPDF software can be used in many ways, as our case studies and user reports, which describe concrete practical examples, show time and again. Among other things webPDF can also be used for the merger of companies.

In this context, software is often sought that can be seamlessly and easily integrated into existing software structures and can transfer content from countless formats from an old archive into an existing archive, thus supporting the merging of two large archives. In the past, webPDF has been able to play a supporting role in the implementation of important migration projects several times.

Challenge for IT – data consolidation

In the case of company takeovers, the webPDF software can be used to transfer archives into each other. Since in this case two companies are connected, important data from the respective archives is involved, which must be available to the users quickly and true to the original. This requires working with the existing solutions already in use in the respective companies (for example SAP).

Two examples can be found here:

Customer requirements for merging projects:

  • The software tool required for the merging project must be able to export the documents from the old file system as a separate tool and to process and archive them properly.
  • It must be possible to integrate the tool into a larger system without any problems.
  • The task of the software is to support data transfer/conversion.
  • The existing data must be standardized and transferred to a new system. This also applies to documents in different formats that must be standardized.

Conclusion of webPDF as supporting software for company takeovers

When merging the archives with webPDF, the customers were convinced in the past by the fast introduction and the price-performance ratio of the software. We often get the feedback that the clear technology, the simple handling and the simplicity of webPDF are convincing.

webPDF can be easily integrated like a building block. You can always rely on the software when it comes to transferring data when systems are merged. The introduction of the software can also run without training and is extremely uncomplicated. Installation was very simple. With the installation instructions you usually don’t need any further support.

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