Tips and tricks: Convert HTML pages to PDF files

Tips and tricks: Convert HTML pages to PDF files

The webPDF portal makes it very easy to convert HTML pages into PDF format. With the URL Conversion service, you have the option of storing HTML documents as PDF documents according to your wishes. All you have to do is call up the URL in question. If the website is located in a protected area,

Overview of the most important file and graphic formats

Text formats and their endings: Docx: Microsoft Word documents (word processing) – Docx is the format of the latest version of MS Word. A docx file can contain text, images and graphics. Older Word versions may not be able to read the format.. TXT: Text file saved with the Microsoft Editor. TXT are plain text

DSAG Annual Conference in Nuremberg – a look back

In September 2016 the German-speaking SAP® User Group (DSAG) organized and hosted its annual conference, which we proudly attended. We mainly exhibited our webPDF software application while at the conference and rightly positioned webPDF as a highly valuable and compatible business solution for SAP. Naturally we also made many new contacts and compared notes with