webPDF 5 – customer wishes come true

The new version webPDF 5.0 is available since 01 September 2013. Version 5.0 brings new web services for OCR and HTML processing for the server-based PDF creation.

webPDF meanwhile supports many companies in the conversion and processing of PDF documents. As more and more customers expressed their wishes, we adopted their feedback in webPDF 5.0 and turned it into new functionality.

The two new web services “OCR” and “URLConverter” were developed in webPDF. The web service “OCR” enables to convert scanned or digitalized fax documents to searchable PDF documents. The web service “URLConverter” enables the conversion of HTML content that is retrieved from a URL. The new web service can also be used for the conversion of e-mails – in the Outlook (MSG) or MIME format (EML). E-mails can thus easily be converted to PDF documents, to e. g. store them in archiving systems – especially in connection with the PDF/A web service, which has been speeded up in the new version.

One popular customer demand was the creation of water marks in the PDF document. With webPDF 5.0 water marks can be created as text or images, the position can be selected freely, the water mark can be rotated or its visibility can be adjusted to the content of the PDF with the transparency setting.

A number of new functions for the extraction of content from the PDF have been integrated in the toolbox web service. They enable to extract e. g. the text or all URLs of a PDF document.

Of course, all the new functions are also available in the portal of the webPDF server. Thus, users can test the new functions – without having to install anything. The latest version of the webPDF 5.0 portal is also available online. Test the new functionality for yourself!

A test version of webPDF 5.0 – for Windows and Linux, as 32bit and 64bit version – is available via the download area of our website.

An overview of all the new features of webPDF 5.0 can be found in the document “What is new in webPDF 5.0?”.