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Personalized Print III: PDF/VT

In August 2010 the International Standards Organization published the PDF/VT standard, which opened the door to a new realm of possibilities for digital printing by decoupling the complexities of VDP creation from the particular print production methods. PDF/VT gives the world of personalized data printing all the benefits of PDF workflow by satisfying the demands


Personalized Print II: Mailings

There’s no question that printing in support of direct mail campaigns is a billion-dollar business. The astronomical number of printing orders and the need for fast turnaround have not only given rise to the development of appropriately capable hardware, but also to such applications as variable data printing (VDP), which can significantly reduce the cost

Personalized Print I: a success story unfolds

Variable data printing has made tremendous progress since its beginnings It caused quite a sensation back in the 1960s: bank statements in plain black text produced by dot-matrix printers and then mailed by name to each account holder. Today the very idea of this might only earn grins from nostalgists, especially in light of how


PDF 2.0: Unwelcome progress?

PDF 2.0 heralds a new generation of PDF. And yet the printing industry is not too keen on celebrating this new platform-independent file format, despite the many promising features it has to offer. After years of development PDF 2.0 is now ready to go. It has been 20 years since Adobe Systems released the Portable

The printing process: PDF/X as the standard

The PDF/X format defines a version of PDF that has been an important standard in the printing process for more than ten years. PDF/X is a subset of the PDF specification that satisfies the needs of the printing-technology industry and fulfills the minimum standards for ensuring that materials can be printed properly. The primary purpose