Security and feature update for webPDF 8

Minimum technical requirements

  • Java version: 11
  • webPDF version: 8 (revision 2255)

Currently a new update for webPDF 8 is available with the revision number 2255. With this security and feature update also important core components like OpenJDK (11.0.11+9) and Tomcat (9.0.46) have been updated. This allows you to upgrade all libraries and dependencies used to the latest versions.

We strongly recommend our security updates for all customers, as they are essential for an optimal and secure use of webPDF. As usual, the current update brings additional new features.

Furthermore, problems with the webPDF web services, which have occurred since the 8 release, have been fixed.

The most important fixes and new features of revision 2255


  • Security: Update OpenJDK to 11.0.11+9
  • Security: Update Tomcat to 9.0.46
  • Security: Update of all libraries
  • Security/Feature: Update PDF/A converter
  • Security/Feature: Suppress display of Tomcat version on error pages
  • Security: Log4j configuration is not closed and changes are lost
  • Security: Adjustments to CORS filter


  • Fix: Password change by portal is not activated immediately
  • Fix: Character set for text preview is detected incorrectly
  • Fix: TextViewer is not loaded
  • Feature: Use own fields in PDF description
  • Feature: PageLayout setting for display is taken into account

Web services:

  • Fix: Corrections and additions in the documentation
  • Fix: Asynchronous termination of threads hanging in endless loop
  • Fix: Orphaned OfficeBridge instances when timeout is reached
  • Fix: Date is displayed in English mail template with German names
  • Feature: Barcode graphic with DPI, size in millimeter and TIFF export format
  • Feature: Deactivation of OfficeBridge tests manually adjustable via option
  • Feature. Use own fields in PDF description
  • Feature: Update of the XSL transformation for XInvoice

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our support at any time.


Here you can find the update as usual: Download page.

The package for Linux via our public repository can be found here: Linux packages